Golf Ball Art

The Golf Ball art started when renewing the pond liner in the front garden in 2013, when, rebuilding the rockery I had a couple of golf balls laying around and put them on a convenient shelf of the waterfall. A friend, a Wightlink Catamaran Captain (Mark), who used to walk past daily with his dog after walking through Ladies Walk through the local golf course, started to throw the odd golf ball or two onto our front lawn.

I started to place them in particular patterns, and the numbers increased. That was the start and you will see some very simple images on the web site from around that time. Since then I have had many golf balls donated from golfers who have got bags full of used ones which they say are now no good, something to do with them not running straight :-)

Since back then of course, things have become a bit more intricate in the designs and some pictures have hundreds of golf balls in the designs.

Enjoy browsing the images via the menus on the left.


Pictures are from time to time requested and I can produce something to suit the requests being made. some are not shown on these pages as they have been private commisssions.















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